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On Westray in the Orkney Islands, Scotland

Clifton Cleaveland
Duke University, 1958, A.B., Chemistry
University of Oxford, 1961, M.A., Physiology
Johns Hopkins Medical School, 1964, M.D.

Clif Cleaveland was born and raised in a small town called LaGrange in Georgia near the Alabama border.  He is the oldest child with a sister who is four years younger.  When he was fourteen years old, his family moved to South Carolina.  From a very young age, he wanted to become a doctor.  He graduated from medical school in the mid-1960’s and served as a doctor in the U.S. Army.  After a fellowship at Vanderbilt University, he focused his practice on internal medicine until his retirement in 2004. He is a former president of the American College of Physicians and his work on healthy policy issues has led him to testify before Congressional hearing committees.  He is also the author of two books, Sacred Space: Stories from a Life in Medicine and Healers and Heroes: Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times.  He currently teaches an undergraduate course at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and writes a column about health issues for the Chattanooga Times Free Press.  A major influence on his writing and viewpoint about health care was from his experience of becoming very sick as a student at Oxford and receiving medical treatment under the British national health service.  He currently lives in Tennessee with his wife of 50 years.

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